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Q32 Tracked shot blast clean-up machine


The machine is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of medium or small size castings,forge pieces and variety of hardware.It for different production capacity,the machine can be used not only as a sing machine,but also as a part of a line.The machine match with continuous conveyor compose cleaning production-line,It is a ideal cleaning equipement for medium and large size cleaning workshop.

Tracked shot blast clean-up machine has advantages of advanced design,rational construction,low-power.


Technical parameters

ITEM UNITE Q326C Q3210 QR3210
Productivity t/h 0.6-1.2 3-5 1.5-2.5
Feeding amount kg 200 800 600
Maximum weight of single piece kg 10 150 30
Diameter of end disk mm Φ650 Φ1000 Φ1000
Effective volume m3 0.33 1.05 1.05
Abrasive flow rate kg/min 100 250 250
Ventilation capacity m3/h 2200 6000 5000
Power consumption kw 12.6 32.6 24.3
Out line dimention mm 3681×1650×4200 3644×2926×4800 3972×2600×4768

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