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Z Series cushion styling machine microseismic



It is fully bufferde, high-frequency, low amplityde, pneumatic-type molding machine microseism compaction. It used a buffer spring, pneumatic microseism institutions can reduce the shock impact of the foundation.
All parts of the aircraft fuselage steel, a substantial increase of steel. Chun-pressure aircraft body table, shock pistons, shock compaction iron piston, cylinder composed of compaction. Pressure head to arm it in part by the pressure head plate, tumbler beam, the center gear shaft, piston cylinder, such as rack of the tumbler cylinder by the driver at both ends buffer agencies so that a smooth transfer arm rotation. Mode since the aircraft structure, by the connecting rod from cylinder mode axis synchronization, push mode, such as starting composition, the use of air pressure from the oil cylinder mode control to ensure a smooth beginning.

Item Unit Z144W Z145W Z146W Z148W
Foundry flask maximum dimensior mm 500×400×200 550×450×200 600×500×250 800×600
Worktable dimensior mm 560×420 600×550 700×550 900×730
Jolting load kgf 300 300 400 600
Compress stress kgf 4200 6300 7500 10000
Compress process mm 200 200 200 200
Moulding process mm 160 200 220 250
Productivity 箱/时 40-60 40-60 40-60 40-60
Consumption of free air m3/箱 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
Out line dimentionL×W×H mm 1300×800×1700 1200×800×680 100×850×1800 1760×1180×2280

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