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L12 Series Inertial oscillation flask shaker


The user of advanced dual-vibration motor and reliable self-synchronization and high reliability of the welding vibration-resistant structure and process. Box body to carry the dynamic load performance of the anti-rattle plate manufacturing. and after annealing, excellent anti-vibration; Structure using mortise slot embedded vibration motor installed in the Department of the box side,and are subject to dynamic load capacity excellent, easy maintenance and disassembly; High degree of lower equipment, easy to install, can be designed according to user needs.

Type Bearing capacity Power (kw) Excited force (KN) Korking table size (mm)
L123 3 2×3.7 2×50 2010×1850
L125 5 2×5.5 2×75 2750×1850
L1210 10 2×9.5 2×140 2790×1990
L1215 15 4×7.5 4×110 3000×2000
L1220 20 4×9.5 4×140 3400×2800

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