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Resin sand production line process


Resin sand is a resin binder-type configuration (core), Sand reclamation is to maximize the surface to remove sand binder film, adjust the sand surface (particle size), it is very economic to use in place of new sand. Sand reclamation and reuse, the new sand consumption can be saves as well as throwing sand required for the old, such as transportation costs, and renewable sources of sand evenly, smooth surface, good thermal stability, and therefore enhance the quality of castings, especially in the old sand resin sand reclamation and reuse, can reduce the amount of resin to reduce the cost of resin-bonded sand, but also to reduce the emissions from the environmental pollution caused by waste sand.

Production capacity: annual production form 3000 to 10,000 tons of resin and casting production line processing system of renewable, electrical appliances using PLC control, restricting the protection of the full simulated screen display, work stable and reliable, automatic production.
Research & Design Levels: the company has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, penfect detection means, scientific management system and strict quality assurance system in accordance with international requirements to run.


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