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QT37 hook airless blast cleaning machine


Function features:

The hook airless blast cleaning machine to tidy up the machine tool to throw the pill to have great capacity, tidying up the efficiency high, the valid space of the room body is big, the structure tightly packed, and adopt without a pit form. Use towards tidying up the shape structure of the work piece without the special request. This machine have another, the series product is apply in the machine manufacturing industry and the foundry industries extensively.

Maximum outline size(diameter×height) Φ5000×5000 Rivet weld and forging 12-15min
Maximum of single piece 20T Cleaing inner chamber size(L×W×H) 6500×6500×6800mm
Autorotation speed 2r/min Gate move speed 0.12m/s
Impeller head Q034 Pellet diameter Φ1.0-2.0mm
Impeller diameter Φ420mm Total capacity 22000m3/h
Per machine blasting capacity 250kg/min Total power 95kw
Cleaning casting plece time 8-15min Maximum size of machine(L×W×H) 20000×9800×9000

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