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Inverted Cone Type Whir Wing Dust Collector


Inverted cone type whirl wind dust collector is an exploitation to contain dust air from enter a place with a draught to follow a tangent direction into in addition to follow tube wall to revolve inside dust machine, lend a function of leave the mental exertion, The dust grain sinks to gradually in addition to inside the dust mathine lower part ash Dou. in the meantime, the air of the empress of the decontamination follow in addition to the dust machine give vent to anger of upper of part gets into the next class in addition to inside dust machine. Ash Dou inside of the dust be periodically ejected by the row ash door.

Technical parameter

Win speed at inlet Wind amount(m3/h) Pressure drop
m/ses F3363 2×F3363 3×F3363 4×F3363 Water column(mm)
14 5040 10080 15120 20160 80
16 5760 11520 17280 23040 105
18 6480 12960 19440 25920 137
20 7200 14400 21600 28800 167

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