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HR Roller dust catcher


The HR series filters a tube in addition to the dust machine mainly useds for suspend of dust and  particle of collection, regardless used for an air pollution control or Be in the production line of apart, it can insure efficiently in a row on-line dust collections. That machine tool has alread circulate stable, handle breeze to have great capacity, the physical volume is small and maintain convenienceetc. Advantage.

technical parameter

Type Speed of filtering Filtering area To deal with air flow(m3/h) The number cartridge
HR3-12 0.4-0.8 180 4000-9000 12
HR4-16 0.4-0.8 240 6000-12000 16
HR3-24 0.4-0.8 360 9000-18000 24
HR4-32 0.4-0.8 480 12000-24000 32
HR4-48 0.4-0.8 720 18000-36000 48
HR4-64 0.4-0.8 960 24000-48000 64

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