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QGW series steel pipe outer wall shot blast cleaning machine


The machine applicable to the steel tube and pipe products to deal with internal and external surface of the blast, remove the oxide welding slag, and other miscellaneous items, showing a metallic luster. eliminate inner stress, enhance workpiece's fatigue resistance, to improve the anti-fatigue properties of the workpiece, the workpiece to increase the film adhesion when painting, and ultimately to improve the quality of surface and internal purposes. Shot at the same time agencies to work with targeted supplementary clean-up, complete clean-up purposes.

Technique parameter\Model QGW30 QGW80 QGW150
Size of cleaning piece(D×W)(mm) Φ50-Φ500×(6000-10000) Φ150-Φ800×(6000-8000) Φ(250-15000)×10000
Roller running speed(m/min) 1.0-3.0 0.5-2.5 860
Shot blasting machine Shot-blasting capacity(kg/min) 2×250 2×250 2×350
Power(kw) 2×15 2×15 2×30
Dust catcher Mode BC-36 BC-48 BC-42
Wind volume(m3/h) 5000-7000 8000-14500 8000-11000
Total power(No dust elimination)(kw) 49.45 53.77 76.25
Outine dimentions(L×W×H)(mm) 15000-22000×3100×5400 18000-24000×3850×6800 24000×2265×4986
Remark No dust catcher No dust catcher No dust catcher

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