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Q38catenary airless shot blast cleaning machine


Catenary abrator suitable for small pieces of iron, steel castings, forgings and stamping parts of shot blasting to clear, especially suitable for forging, casting cleaning, to remove the sticky surface on the sand, rust, oxidation of skin, dirt, etc., so that a metallic surface characteristic of the workpiece to eliminate internal stress and improve fatigue resistance of the workpiece, the workpiece to increase the film adhesion when painting, and ultimately to improve the quality of surface and internal purposes. And improve the machinery and metal profiles and improve corrosion resistance and anti-fatigue properties of steel, extending is life; optimization process the state of the surface of steel to complete the purpose of clean-up.


Catenary abrator divide into continuous system, progressive type, store type. The machine is suitable for various small and medium sized quantities of iron castings, steel castings, forgings and steel cleaning and shot blasting of the surface streng thening, such as the engine block cylinder head, the electrical effect of the shell, such as clean-up especially. Motor vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, motors valves allideal for industries.

Technique parameter

Item\Mode Q382 Q383 Q384
Productivity hook/h 35-55 38-50 60-120
Lifting hook running speed m/min 0.35-3 0.35-3 0.35-3
Lifting hook weight kg 240 300 400
Lifting hook space mm 600-800 600-800 600-1000
Abrasive flow rate kg/min 4×200 4×250 6×250
Elevator lifting capacity t/h 45 60 90
Segregator fractional dose t/h 45 60 90
Pellet diameter mm Φ0.5-2 Φ0.5-2 Φ1.5-3
Pellet first feeding capacity mm 1200 1500 2000
Ventilation capacity m3/h 8000 10480 14500
Clean space dimentions mm 5000×1800×3200 5000×2200×2600 6000×2600×3000
Cleaning workpieces dimentions mm Φ(500-700)×1600 Φ(500-700)×1600 Φ(500-850)×1900
Out line dimentions mm 116000×2700×6450 11810×3200×7250 15300×3700×7700
Hang in depth mm - 1800 2100
Power Consumption kw 论73.1 82.8 131.7

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